One Off Cleaning Golders Green

Each house needs a special cleaning care at least once a year. This is only possible if the house owner use professional help to clean its house of flat. One off cleaning is essential as the professionals are aware of the right methods to clean the house from each corner possible.

We are Cleaners Golders Green and can offer you quality one time cleaning solutions in Golders Green, NW1 London. A regular cleaning helps to sparkle and maintain the house. But one off services helps you clean it from deep inside and the areas that are difficult to reach while normal cleaning is done.

Hourly Based Cleaning Services in Golders GreenPrices
One Off Cleaning£16/h
Domestic Cleaning£14/h
Regular Cleaning£14/h
Deep Cleaning£18/h

Our cleaners need at least 3 hours to clean the house in the right manner. However the time may vary depending up on the size of your home and the condition within. Our cleaning technicians are well trained and well equipped to deal with any cleaning needs that your place may require. Our one off cleaning could be for any of the following needs: move in, move out, renovation, flood restoration seasonal home and office cleaning.

Whatever cleaning needs you may have remember to call us and you will be amazed to see our response and quality of the service offered.

As a normal inclusion in our one off cleaning services we follow some guidelines so that the quality is same at every place we provide our services at. It includes the following approach:

In your kitchen: We completely clean you kitchen from each corner inside and outside. All the appliances and kitchen cupboards are cleaned with the use of natural chemicals. The sink is sanitized and your oven and fridge is cleaned with chemicals which are safe and highly effective.

In your bathroom: We de-scale and sanitize the sanitary ware inside. Also we polish the bathroom tiles thoroughly and clean the cupboards both inside and out.

The woodwork or dusting: We use the method of damp wiping and dusting for all the woodwork inside your house. The doors and door frames as well as the windows and the window frames are polished along with the fittings and the other elements.

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